Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tuklas Sining: Art in Reposo Street (Life collides with imagination.)

Dubbed as “ Tuklas Sining sa Reposo”, this annual festival boasts of a diverse array of sining or art. such as paintings of artists and would be artists,dance theater, film at its splendor, original Filipino sound, food we inherited from our colonial past which evolved to suit the Pinoy taste, and sculpture that display a series of movements in dance. It is truly a venue for artists to “interact and share visions”, mirroring Filipinos’ love for entertainment, a large and unique part of our culture.

Fascinating murals gazed back at us as we walked under the canopy of dark clouds.

The monotonous sky with chunks of charcoal clouds hovered over the white tents competing with the paintings lined up on the street of Reposo for attention.

The Art Festival was darkened by rain but people still managed to see the show and appreciate the myriad artistic expressions of the ones who participated.

There was a huge canvass being painted by a group of young artists.

As I walked towards the middle of the street, I saw a young painter wielding her magic over her canvass. She was paintin a nude woman, her hair spilling over the canvas, exuding earthiness and mystery.

Painting in all its curious modes

Ferdinand Cacnio’s tenth solo sculpture exhibit at LRI Art Pavilion, 2/f LRI Design Plaza.