About Me

I have always believed I am a descendant of gypsy storytellers,

 and that these people came from a faraway land. 

My grandmother told stories to her children, 

and so do my mother and my mother’s sister.

I am drawn by lighthouses.

 They are here for a purpose,

 a beacon that pulls us towards land, towards safety.

 I am always looking... like the character Sunny in the book Sightings,

 who gazes  out at sea...

 I am looking towards light.

                              - Ami 2012

Dear Reader...

I started my blog last 2007 but never really gotten into it. The blog was empty for four years.Then one day last year (2011), I changed the template, I worked out my poems, stories, experiences and whatnots, and here they are.

Ami de Manila

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Anonymous said...

what better way to go through life than looking towards the light? {smile}

you are carrying on the legacy of storytelling, as well.