Sunday, August 14, 2011

Top Ten Tips for First Time Travelers

Half of the fun of travel is the aesthetic of lostness- Ray Bradbury

     Traveling. To some people it’s daunting. But at some point in each person's life, he starts as a first timer.
       So explore these pages and let them be a guide to you.

1. Travel with at least one companion.
     When you travel, two or more heads are better than one especially in reading signs, reading maps and sharing food. You can take turns taking each other’s photos. Friends or family, that’s  the way to go. There were three of us when we went to Macau.

2. Make an itinerary
     Plan,plan,plan. Months before you have to at least have decided where you want to go. This is because you have to know the facts about that place, climate, money, food, your own schedule, promo fares in airlines. Write down your plan. You can make changes as you go along.

3. Hunt for cheap air fare
    Always be on the lookout for promo fares in the internet or newspaper. You can book online or call the airline directly.(In my experience, calling is better. A very polite personnel will gladly help you out.

4. Learn how to read maps.
     It’s easier to see which places are near and which direction to take.  If you can cover more scenic spots that are near and walking distance, the better. Don’t be like some people who tend to waste time and money going to far places because they don’t know that there’s another historic spot just near where they are at the moment.

5. Always know how one can travel faster and easier
     Learn the train system in that place. If there’s a train card you can buy instead of using coins or money, the better. It’s usually cheaper. In Hong Kong, there’s the Octopus card which you can use for trains, buses, stores, and the like.

6. Don’t be afraid to ask for directions and information.
     There’s always a Good Samaritan who will be glad to help you.

7. Always bring water and snacks
      Buy ahead of time in a supermarket or the nearest 7-11. It’s cheaper.

8. Bring rechargeable batteries
     Photos are very important. You can’t take the sceneries with you, only memories and pictures to prove it.

9. Budget ahead of time
     That’s the reason why you have to know in advance  how much you will spend for food, entrance tickets, fares etc. The internet is very helpful.

      If you can’t follow your plan religiously, it’s okay. Savor the moments. You deserve it. Happy traveling!

Macau Tower

Top of the Tower