Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Macau...Asia's Las Vegas

        Macau is the gateway to China. After being colonized by the Portuguese, it is now a self governed  place which has strict rules even for Chinese from the mainland.
But tourism is promoted here so much so the hotels line up their buses at the airport just to pick up tourists.

       Macau's money is the pataka (MOP). 1MOP is 5Php.
       It is such a small place that you can almost circle it in 5 days. But of course there are little known secrets that can surprise you if you know where to look.
A stroll down the Venetian cafes

The Venetian Hotel                                                                                                                                                                                            

        Dubbed the Las Vegas of Asia, Macau's tourists have tripled these past few years widely due to the new hotels springing up adding to the already wide selection of wholesome and not so wholesome entertainment. For those who have money to burn,the casinos are open, for the simple tourists,there are exciting but cheap thrills!

Senado Square                   Photo by Mona

     Macau is a blend of Chinese and Portuguese influences. The architectural designs of buildings are colonial and it is not impossible to see a Chinese temple side by side with a Catholic Cathedral.

 Macau Itinerary

    From the airport, several shuttle buses are lined up to bring guests to any hotel they want to visit. These are all complimentary. My friends Mona and Mace took advantage of these freebies and visited  The Venetian,               The Galaxy, The Sands, The Crown, and The Four Seasons and The City of Dreams. Some of these hotels are within walking distance of each other so you can just cross streets and meander.
Tip:Hotels and casinos are open 24 hours so if you decide to walk make sure it's morning or nighttime because the sun is scorching at noon.

The Venetian Macau

Gondola Ride
Ticket: 118MOP/adult
Open: 10 am Last Ride: 9pm

What a way to relax.A gondolier will row the boat and sing operatic songs.


Cafes/Food Row

Average price of authentic Chinese noodles 35MOP-45MOP (180-260Php)

Dennis and Cha

City of Dreams

Shows: The Dragon Show/ 30 MOP   The Water Show/ 400MOP

 Mace n City of Dreams

Mace n Me

Macau Tower
You can stay at the top until nighttime. I suggest you go there at 5pm, have dinner and have a daytime as well as nighttime view of Macau.Awesome!
Ticket: 120MOP/adult  View only
Ticket:150MOP/person  View with snacks

snack at Cafe on 4


mona and me

photo by mace
Extreme Sports at Macau Tower: Bungee Jumping, Skywalking, etc.


Capt. Anup Murthy said...

Nice pictures inside the Venetian! You look like you had a good visit!

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I had a blast.Thanks.