Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ballet:Fire Onstage (Don Quixote-a Journey)

As the lights dimmed and the curtain rose, a wisp of a girl dressed in flaming red not unlike the feisty señoritas of La Mancha began tiptoeing and twirling amidst a fabulous setting onstage at the main theater of the CCP. Thus Kitri, the female lead character (played by Candice Adea) of Don Quixote was introduced to the audience.

I was privileged to have watched the splendor of Candice, who has won so many accolades here and abroad and is hailed as the brightest star of Philippine ballet scene today. She danced Kitri in the last performance of the final production of Ballet Philippines’ 41st season.

Not to be outdone was the male counterpart Basilio (played by Jean Mark Cordero). I was captivated by his powerful leaps and dazzling stage presence.

Over the years, the Philippines’ foremost dance company, Ballet Philippines has presented to the public such memorable ballets as Peter Pan, Darna and the Nutcracker to name a few.

I have always relished the joy of viewing performance movies, knowing for a fact that that the actors/danseurs have pauses allowing for perfect takes of each dance scene. But onstage- it is a test of endurance. Blessed with artistic and athletic prowess, the dancers can maintain the rigor of dancing almost without let in front of a live audience for hours.

And to quote Candice Adea, “The challenge now is to be able to sustain the same fire…for the whole ballet.”

Kudos to the dancers who all did well in the very satisfying rendition of Don Quixote, the gentleman who dreamed the impossible.

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