Sunday, April 24, 2011

Vast Oceans, Small Boats

It wasn’t a particularly spectacular body of water
With boats like half wings springing to sea
It wasn’t even a river with canoes or bancas slithering to a waterfall

Actually, it was only a creek
The width I can easily span with a jolted jump

It had its share of rainbow boats
Steamed by our breathing.

Now I see the ocean the endless blue
Skydiving horizon melting the hue.

I do not know which is the more
Exhilarating of the two.


Rinkly Rimes said...

The addition of occasional rhyming adds to this offering.

Brian Miller said...

ha. thi stook me back to days ont he creek by my grammas house and playing so many adventures there...the second to last stanza where you stess rhyme brings this into great focus in its contrast...

Beachanny said...

Yes though your work here is free verse your use of rhyme accentuates the text and heightens the differences and similarities in the discovery of watery scenes. Well done. Gay

Amber said...

"With boats like half wings springing to sea" beautiful, I really loved this poem

This is me and my name is Candice not Amber