Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Krispy Creme on High Street

Krispy Creme,G/f HighStreet, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

Imagine crunchy, crumbling lusciousness that melts without a sound in your mouth. The white snowy sugar that doesn’t overpower the taste of the crusty doughnut. The moan that emanates from you, your senses floating in overindulgence.
You open your mouth like a big O, letting your teeth slowly sink into that sweetness….

Wait! I can’t eat this! This is laden with calories that will surely go faster than a bullet train to my hips and thighs (to haunt me for the rest of my f…. life.)

There’s a buzzing sound in my brain telling me this will never happen again, its only a glitch and my weight will not really be hugely affected .

Well, Krispy Kreme in High Street is a favorite watering hole of mine not only for the sweet stuff which my daughters love but for the reasonably priced coffee served piping hot.

I could write an essay for the great place and the endearing way the crew welcomed us. It was after all a slow afternoon which I particularly am mad about. I crave and moon for days like this when people seem to have stayed away from my proximity.

Modern and retro at the same time, the lay out of shop is well planned and conveys friendliness. There’s a series of stools covered with red cloth reminiscent of the 60’s soda fountain.

Everyday I wake up with a mantra, “Oatmeal is the best meal. I will eat oatmeal and it will taste like … pizza. “

Is there really such a thing as shortcut to dieting?

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