Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lost Words in Old Newspapers ( the Rain is Here…)

          I’m the only person I know who reads old newspapers. My friends often tease me and ask me if have a history quiz.

          I find it fascinating to read week old and even month old newspapers as if they were magazines. I mean isn’t it why the concept of the written word was invented? Something meant to be recorded should be recorded and enduring. Although the newspaper’s lifespan was not really meant to be extended, on my part, I miss the old days when with the newspaper comes a batch of piping hot pandesal and melting Anchor butter or Dari Crème.

          It’s been raining in trickles, but just this morning, the rain poured and woke me up.

          Everybody was quiet in the house, as if the pitter patter of the drops lulled them even more to dreamland. So I went about in my affairs, brewed myself some real Batangas coffee((which I declare was much much better than what they serve in 2 Starbucks I went to), read old newspapers and blogged later.

           In the near future, newspaper would just be a memory. For lots of reasons. Trees are getting fewer and fewer. It would be unrealistic to kill trees just so we can read something that would be stale news a day after.

           Someone once told me “Computers are now taking over. Books will soon be outdated.”
I was obstinate, I was a bit antagonistic in defending my belief that books would stand against the test of time, although I was a bit unnerved.

          Am I going to be part of the generation of the last readers? Books have now become pricey that I can only afford used ones. In this times where everything free can be sold like water, television, pretty soon even the air we breathe would be bottled and sold.

          I want to put this query in an imaginary bottle and throw it into space to ask the cosmos at the risk of sounding banal,

          “Where have all the good times gone?”

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