Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mangetsu: Japanese Asian Fusion

The Mangetsu Japanese Fusion Restaurant not only satisfies your craving for non oily authentic Japanese food, the serenity and mood that is evoked by the setting, with its dimmed lights, quiet atmosphere in contrast with the hubbub in the Makati district, will definitely satiate other senses.

Mangetsu means full moon. In Japan, there’s a festival in October when people take a break from harvesting, sip their tea and eat luscious mochi (rice cake) while watching the beauty of the full moon.

The Japanese chef was very enthralling as he animatedly chopped the vegetables with gusto. He was a sport, smiling at the camera and sometimes posing.
It’s hard to describe the flavourful  sauces that were blended with the Filipino taste buds in mind.  But the tuna that melted in my mouth was not easily forgotten. This place is something to be shared with friends and family.

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