Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas with Edward Scissorhands

It is different now. Used be that when December comes the  cold air would remind us of the most anticipated day of he year.
Now it's been raining and the air is soggier than cool.
Some people would be agog,what with Christmas just around the corner. But me, I wait for Christmas because every year , I sleep at Christmas day. I make certain that we celebrate on the 24th. Christmas is a "relax day" for me. My children know that they each make  appointments and try to give me this day on my own.

What I do is I just eat the leftovers in the fridge, snuggle on my couch and turn the TV on. One of the staples is my favorite "Edward Scissorhands". It never fails to get me teary eyed when Kim and Edward have their tender moments. Another fave is that endearing " Love Actually". I do believe in Christmas.Ido! I do!

Christmas is and forever will be synonymous with my father. Once upon a time, my father introduced us to his own brand of Christmas. I remember waking up one day with a white Christmas tree in the living room, it was made of cotton!  He would make us put up stocking the day before Christmas. At night I would peep and try to catch Santa in action. But I never could catch him. One time my dad made a chimney made of japanese paper. It was awesome. As a child, that's something one could remember. Now as an adult, That's one I cherish. Every Christmas was an event for us because of my dad. 

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