Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Fort
I remember more than ten years ago, there were no buildings in the Fort Bonifacio area except Jollibee, Starbucks, The NBC Tent ,  Pier One,Gloria Jeans. 
The open lots served as picnic grounds , and we used to park there to relish the great space that we know pretty soon will be just a memory.
People used to walk dogs, paraglide, fly model airplanes and kites. There was no facebook,twitter and other social networks.
Now. It is a bustling "city" a community of highrise buildings with commercial spots like Market, Market, Serendra Condominium, High Street ( where you can find bars, boutiques, bookstores, etc.),the Fort Square, and the Fort Strip.
Buildings obstruct the horizon. The streets are busy with people shopping or just bar hopping at night. Half or most people now stay indoors to twit.
How to reach the original Fort strip?
You can still find it at the end of High Street where the fountains are.

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