Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dad's Megamall: Buffet Extravaganza

Just a little           

Eat all you can for 600+
          The biggest buffet that includes Japanese,European, and Filipino food.
I never learned the trick of eating right at a buffet. Usually, I just pick a couple of my favourites and then some and that’s it.
          What I did that night was pick up tiny bits of diverse food selections that were laid splendidly before my eyes and voila!  There was never a dull moment in my mouth. Flavours exploded in my taste buds, like popping caviars making miniscule sounds in my brain.
          How was I to know that sushi can go smashingly with continental food? I loved the turkey and the ambience of having a fiesta in this welcome party was a memorable one.

 Of course the night wasn’t over yet. A group of us trooped to the Podium Starbucks to have a nightcap.

Twinkle eyes!

Dads SM Megamall 4th Floor Bridgeway, SM Megamall, EDSA, Mandaluyong City

Thanks to Cha Vargas for her Photos!

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