Saturday, August 11, 2012

23rd Philippine Travel Mart: SMX Convention Center Mall of Asia

      The 23rd Travel Mart Expo is from August 10- August 12, 2012.
Yesterday I met my daughter at SMX MOA (what's with the acronyms). It was a sunny day, MOA (Mall of Asia) was filled with mall rats like us, craving for noise and a break from Facebook. I think the only time that families have a time out and talk to each other is when they go to the mall.

At the wake of floods and typhoons, people moved on with their lives.

      The 23rd  Philippine Travel mart is a Travel Expo which aims to promote tourism in the country. Hotels,resorts,food stores, restaurants,tour groups,and anything that concerns tourism participated in this endevour. It was well attended yesterday (considering the weather)and I hobnobbed with travellers, backpackers,flashpackers and others.

My daughter and her friend were able to secure discounted tickets to Enchanted Kingdom.

Check it out at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia. 
Entrance Fee: 50Php
Schedule: 10a.m.-9p.m.

This is a yearly event created by the Philippine Tour Operators (PHILTOA). 
We toured the expo and found to our delight different booths and pavilions exhibiting the various tourist attractions in the Phillippines.

Moro moro

Performers wearing gay costumes

Ms.Earth Philippines and other Beauties



See you there!

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