Monday, August 6, 2012

Cafe Mary Grace =Heaven at the Fort

Cafe MaryGrace
Ground floor , Serendra One , Fort Bonifacio, Global City, Taguig

         The Fort Taguig is a more aattractive place nowadays. I just love to sit and relax, drink coffee, ensaymada, and pasta
        If you see twinkly lights in Serendra One even though it’s not Christmas you must be at the vicinity of Marygrace where the food and the people remind you to keep going back for more.

        Aside from the melt in the mouth ensaymada(73Php/pc), cheese rolls(42Php/pc) deliciouscakes and other delectables that they concoct, they also serve other gustatory delights such as pastaand gourmet sandwiches. We ordered sandwich which did not disppoint us but I couldn’t remember what kind it was..(.Good food can make you forget even your name).

        The Marygrace mushroom pasta with truffle(262Php) is so creamy that your mouth craves for more. The peach tea(75Php/huge glass) is another signature beverage that really kicks the taste a notch higher.
I love the rum butter cake(83Php/pc) which is incidentally a little heavy on the rum, but hey, who’s complaining..teehee..

The place is cute and Christmassy

Marygrace Mushroom Cream pasta with truffle (262Php)

Peach tealicious. Tiny notes that make your heart grow fonder
I love the rum cake (83Php)

Sandwiches are a must try

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