Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Coloane: Quaint Village in Macau

               Taking a leisurely walk down the streets and alleyways of Coloane Village on an afternoon, you can see a sleepy town that was once a bustling port. As you view the traditional stone houses you can feel the eerie atmosphere that emanates from the small passageways we had to meander.

               Seeing the looks of surprise and unease of the locals who suddenly come out of the small houses, we smile with a vow or a nod.
Coloane used to be a fishing village and if the stones can speak they can tell us about the pirates of old and the merchants that used to occupy the seaside port.

quaint house

serene sidewalks

scenic Coloane

gourmet sandwich (285Php)

portuguese tart (40Php)

 The original Lord Stow coffee shop is where people go to have a sampling of egg tart which is crusty and flaky on the outside soft and creamy in the middle.

Panda and me

The Panda Sanctuary is located inside the   Park where you can find a   hectare enclosure that you can walk for a few hours on end. The pandas were a little shy but they were appreciated by the crowd.

Hac Sa beach

Although the sand is gray, it's fine and clean. The atmosphere will give one a relaxed mood.

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