Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dear Darla Pizza at Yellow Cab

Yellow Cab Market! Market! is on the 2nd floor near Watson's.

Well, I'm a pizza girl. Whenever I go out with my family, they know that it's easy to pull me if it's pizza.
So I have favorites too.

The best tasting pizza I have tasted is the Dear Darla Pizza (18"- 660Php). What a statement.. I think I crave for it because of the veggies that go with it. Alfalfa sprouts and arugula. How can you go wrong?

How to eat Dear Darla?

There's a technique to eating Dear Darla. First separate a slice and sprinkle with beansprouts and small pieces of arugula, drizzle with pure virgin olive oil.

Next,roll the pizza like lumpia, or spring roll. There's nothing like it.Crunchy, bitter,scrumptious, oily, and

And of course it goes well with Chicken Alfredo (245Php) with the ohhh so creamy alfredo sauce.

And don't forget my all time fave...four cheese Pizza! (18" - 510Php)

The decadence makes me eat only once a month but that's me. Chow time! Galit galit muna.