Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Swagat: Authentic Indian Cuisine

  Swagat Indian Cuisine
  FCC Building on Rada Street, Legaspi Village, Makati (tel. 752-5669)

         The only Indian food that I know are curry and samosa. So when my Japanese friend came back to the Philippines after touring India, she told me tales about it.It really made me curious.
        There was an Indian restaurant that many Pinoys are already raving about, so we went there.It's called Swagat (welcome)
          Such a simple  unassuming place. There were Indian decorations, very colorful and alive. My friend said that Indians love to decorate colors with tiny round mirrors.
         The dishes that we ordered were all vegetarian dish. In India, the servers ask whether you are vegetarian or non vegetarian. People are very religious in India. There are different kinds of faith in that mystical city. We decided to go vegan.

Mango lassi (yogurt with mango flavor) 60Php  Rose lassi

I like lassi because it's not too sweet and it is refreshing as well as healthy. The cup was brass and added to the experience.

samosas with chutney
Samosas are like fried gyozas but I find these samosas not oily at all. They were crisp and delicate to the tongue. Inside is potatoes and green peas. They are dipped in tamarind chutney(which is sauce with fruit,vinegar and sugar).

aloo baigan (potato and eggplant) with masala  125php

 palak paneer (cottage cheese with spinach) 125Php

naan ( garlic and plain) 30Php each


          I was surprised that I would like the taste so much because of the flavors doing the macarena and the hustle in my mouth. The flavors of the different dishes really complement each other. The chef has to know how to blend these exotic spices to come up with something as energetic and vibrant as these foods.

My Japanese friend (in pink)

Rada St. Legaspi Village
 The price is not prohibitive that I plan to come back to taste some more. I heard (and read) that  a British diplomat even head  a testimonial for this place. It had been featured in various local newspapers too.

The house of mirrors


Jim said...

Hi Ami ~~ I am glad you enjoyed your meal. The picture with you sitting surely did show a lot of food.

My son-in-law is of Indian descent and cooks Indian for guests. I like his food, the way it tastes and all. The smaller children don't seem to like it so much though.

My favorite of his is the way he cooks squid.

Thank you for peeking in on my poem about the baby being thrown out with the bath water. I hear that saying every now and then.

Capt. Anup Murthy said...

I loved the description "macarena and the hustle inside the mouth"..what a nice way of describing the play of spices on the senses..glad you enjoyed it, looks really mouthwatering. The food of course is mostly North Indian, there's so much variety and I hope you get to try more of the diverse tastes and textures of food from India. Cheers!