Friday, August 17, 2012

Color my World: Restoring Manila

History etched in these walls

  It was morning. Alvin and I went to Manila Bulletin where we both contribute lifestyle articles every now and then.
         We were elated because after a long time we can traverse that path again. This area is part of Intramuros where there is the Club Intramuros Golf Course and some schools like LPU (Lyceum of the Philippines University) Lunsod ng Pamantasan ng Maynila, Letran, Mapua to name a few.

         Alvin was a little nostalgic because he went to LPM for a while. I am also an alumnus of PNU(Philippine Normal).
        We were impressed by the edifices that mark the journey of our history. This is just a small fraction of what great history remains. It is a sad fact that many are deteriorating. The paints are peeling, the buildings has 'beards of moss' ( like what Joel Toledo said). 

        I saw how the old buildings of Macau were restored. They look pretty and so inviting. What I like about the buildings there are the plants that they accessorize them with.

       I enjoy taking pictures of old buildings that have character. Many buildings here in Manila need only a coat of paint to restore them.
       I noticed that in the Philippines, many buildings are bare. People don't paint houses. We lack the aesthetic sense that make a country interesting. We lack the vibrancy of colors.
       Only the jeepney is colorful. That's why it's interesting!
Here are some interesting buildings in Intramuros...

grass choked yard

Guardia Civil

The Great Wall of Intramuros

Wild Plants
Moss choked Building. Loved it

Alvin with the Guardia Civil

At the background is the iconic Manila City hall clock

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